Cleanliness is not the only issue that needs to be executed thoroughly. The general maintenance of the building you're in needs to be taken care of. Whether this is the electrical equipment or who takes care of the recycling, our services encompass several aspects of the maintenance of your building.

Do you know where your waste is going? Do you know if it is being disposed of responsibly? Well, we at Highgrove give you the peace of mind that every bit of waste that leaves your building is being disposed in a way that is kind to the environment. We are passionate about 


eco-friendly schemes and our services prove that, giving you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint along the way. From recycling to sanitary disposal we take great care in sorting your waste carefully.

Our services include:
• Building maintenance • Computer and electrical equipment
• External metal maintenance • Recycling • Waste Management
• Sanitary Disposal Service • Linen Hire